Trash and Recycling

Waste and Disposal

Open 24/7 — Thank you for recycling.

  • bins located outside of the fenced area at the township garage compound
  • items do not have to be sorted
  • area monitored with camera surveillance

(All containers must be emptied and rinsed. Lids are recyclable but air should be squeezed from a plastic bottle.)

  • glass bottles & jars
  • cans: aluminum, steel, aerosol (remove tips)
  • plastics: food, bevereage, & detergent bottles ONLY
  • cardboard & paperboard (flattened)
  • cartons (juice, soy, milk) – no foil liners
  • newspapers & inserts
  • junk mail, office paper – no shredded paper
  • magazines, paperback books, phonebooks

NOT ACCEPTED in recycling containers but
these items may be disposed at junk day.

  • window glass, dishes, light bulbs, mirrors
  • plastic bags, motor oil containers, buckets, toys
  • packing peanuts, styrofoam, bubble wrap
  • hardback books, plastic wrappers
  • hanging/reinforced files

Additional recycling is provided by the Ottawa Sandusky Seneca County Solid Waste District at the Ottawa County Fairgrounds. Special collections are held throughout the year for tires, appliances, televisions and small electronics, computers, household hazardous waste, and lead acid batteries. 4198623332

321 Rice St Elmore, OH 43416