EMS Services

History and Services Provided

Harris Township began providing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in 1975 to residents and visitors of Harris Township and the Village of Elmore. The Township formed a separate EMS department from the Fire Department know as Harris-Elmore EMS. In 2010 the Harris-Elmore EMS was officially merged by township officials with the Harris-Elmore Fire Department (HEFD).

HEFD provides both Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) EMS services to the Village of Elmore, Harris Township, and contracted areas in Benton Township. HEFD utilizes the latest equipment and is a member of the Northwest Ohio EMS Consortium. Our staff consists of all levels of EMS certifications. HEFD is an EMS Continuing Education site accredited by the State of Ohio Division of EMS. This certification allows us to provided EMS continuing education in-house from one of our many EMS certified instructors to our members twice a month. Additionally, we provide CPR and First Aid training to the community upon request. Please reach out to any of the contacts listed below to schedule a CPR or First Aid class.

EMS Supervisors:

419-862-3332 ext. 1012

Assistant Chief: Michael McGinnis

Captain: Amanda McGinnis

Lieutenant: Brittany Dewyre

EMS Billing:

The Harris-Elmore Fire Department (HEFD) is strict about maintaining your privacy and complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Harris Township contracts with Great Lakes Billing for all billing of EMS services.  If you have a question about a statement sent to you or your insurance company, please contact Great Lakes Billing directly at 800-845-4522.  If you have any further questions about how we handle your medical information, please contact our EMS Department at (419) 862-3332 ext. 1012 or email Assistant Chief Michael McGinnis.

EMS Run Report Request:

Patients, and parties representing them, may a have reason to request a copy of the written electronic patient care report (EPCR) from an EMS call. To request a copy of a EPCR please contact Assistant Chief Michael McGinnis or Great Lakes Billing Company at (800) 845-4522

harrisfiscal@harristownshipohio.com 4198623332

321 Rice St Elmore, OH 43416